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Material Topologies


09.06.2019 - 10.20.2019

For this three person show, EXTRA Projects invites the viewer to contemplate their relationship to place through works by Gwendolyn Zabicki, Benjamin Medeska, and Adrienne Elyse Meyers.

Madeska’s landscapes diverge from his more typical practice of objective still lifes in order to explore the textural possibilities of trompe-l’oeil, playing with those effects for his abstract landscapes. Zabicki, in contrast, uses that tradition to amplify perspectival play in her compositions with mirrors, avoiding figures and the traditional readings of subject and objecthood. Meyers picks a third direction, and pulls from real estate imagery of distressed housing. Her description of those images in a spare manner, with a muted pastel color palette, evokes an interest in not-quite articulated histories that can be very powerful.

While the works are still based on real-life locations, these artists’ related, almost geometric construction and cropping methods create fascinating abstractions. Their choices in detail show multiple approaches to the urban landscape and the effects it has on the viewer’s gaze, understanding, and experience. They push the viewer to find hidden narratives and question their interpretations, and suggest fleeting moments of voyeurism, nostalgia, and dislocation.

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