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Exhibition opening receptions.


This show features collage work that plays with identity construction through paint and magazine clippings.
Collage of Exhibition Title

Touch Your Mirror

Touch Your Mirror features two painters whose practices reflect on the boundaries of reality and fantasy, female friendship, the anxieties of growing up, and the transition from girl to woman.

A history, a fragment, a territory

This November, EXTRA showcases the work of Rebecca Tanda, featuring mixed media and sculptural work paired with a site specific installation in manufactured materials such as glass and plastics...

Modern Topologies

These artists use a range of painting techniques to obscure images of interiors and the built environment in ways that push the viewer to find hidden narratives and question their interpretations, and suggest fleeting moments of voyeurism, nostalgia, and dislocation.

PROSPECT No.3: Searching Abstraction

Responsive conversations between material and form, symbol and unseen referent, color, gesture, and stasis characterize the work in this exhibition, in which the process of creation is foregrounded.

PROSPECT No.2: Narrative Implications

Still images that feel culled from longer, more comprehensive stories characterize the works in this exhibition, as each piece makes us wonder what happened immediately before the scenes we see registered here and what is about to take place next.


Come stop by for the opening of Project 003! In this two-person exhibition, artists Bobbi Meier and Frank Vega reference the perceived world to varying degrees.


We are pleased to host SLOW FIXTURES - an exhibition mapping the tension between an object that professes its 'locational specificity' and arrangements or surfaces that elude or disturb this precision. Hope to see you there!
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